16 min

In October of 1962, the Soviet Union shocked the world by unveiling a new ICBM called the R-16. This missile was unique in that it had a range of 16 minutes, which was twice as long as any other ICBM at the time. This made it a very powerful weapon, as it could reach any target in the Soviet Union within minutes.

The R-16 was first tested in October of 1962, and it was successful. The missile was then put into service in 1963. It became a major part of the Soviet Union's nuclear arsenal, and it was used during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The R-16 was eventually retired in the 1980s, but it was a very important weapon during the Cold War. It showed that the Soviet Union was capable of building a missile with a very long range, and it scared the United States and other countries.


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